Héroe de León was created and produced to honor the late Mexican General Francisco Murguía.

Gen. Murguía, while fighting for Mexico during the Revolution, earned the nickname “Héroe de León (Hero of León)” for his role in the Battle of León in 1915 defeating Francisco “Pancho” Villa’s much larger army. 

Héroe de León was developed y Gen. Murguía’s great-grandson, Antonio Murguía, with the General’s same passion for excellence and commitment to their native Mexico and its most famous export – Tequila.


Mellow, yet rich caused by the artful articulation of agave and oak.


Young, fresh and full of liveliness.


Formidable flavor gleaned from years of aging in charred barrels.

Our Brand Difference

From time-honored distillation to marketing, the genesis of Héroe de León tequila starts with the true story of General Francisco Murguía and his love for Mexico.

Everything about the General’s life and untimely death permeates what the brand stands for.  

From the tequila itself to our marketing strategy, we want to share the same integrity and bravery that he lived throughout his life.

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