100 Years

Tequila Extra Añejo

Barrel aged over 3 years, our extra anejo has a rich amber color and copper highlights. Heroe de Leon Extra Anejo delivers the sweet aroma of oak, chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. It is sweet and full bodied, with dominant oak notes. The finish is a long lasting end of chocolate and almond.


100% de agave

Young, fresh and full of liveliness.

Straight out of its second distillation, the Silver places emphasis on the agave.

Never aged, the Silver is a pure, clear tequila.


100% de agave

Mellow yet rich caused by the artful articulation of agave and oak.

The resulting Reposado makes for a slightly smokey compliment to your favorite cocktail.

Reposado means rested, and well rested tequila is always ready to take on the night.


100% de agave

A formidable flavor gleaned from years aging in charred barrels.

Añejo has its place in the most fragrant, powerful cocktails or simply on the rocks.

Sip lightly each drop rife with rich smoky flavor.

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