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Our History

To My Murguia descendants, my heritage to you is one of honor and responsability. For martial blood runs through your veins. Defend those who can’t fight for themselves and defend your values at the expense of your life. 

General Francisco Murguia

“Since when I was a child, I grew up listening stories told by my Father, of my great-grandfather General Francisco Murguía, during the Mexican Revolution.

My father always proudly referred to him as an example of a supremely loyal man to his country, whose life was always in danger. On the last day of my great-grandfather’s life he was betrayed, illegally condemned to execution. As his last moments approached, with the executioners raising their guns, he continued to display his amazing honesty and bravery, by addressing the soldiers, reminding them to conduct their selves with integrity and honor.

Throughout the years, I learned about his herculean military accomplishments like the battle he led where he defeated the renegade General Pancho Villa at the Battle of Leon, forever changing the outcome of the Mexican Revolution. For this, my great-grandfather received the nickname, “Héroe de León”.

I began this project to honor my great-grandfather, General Francisco Murguía for his amazing and distinguished role in Mexican history of which with pride, I have his blood.

This is how my tequila – Héroe de León – was born.”

Antonio Murguía

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